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Your Laser Hair Removal Az Hair-Free Life Starts Now!

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Located In The Phoenix And Scottsdale Area

At Laser Hair Removal Arizona it is my goal to keep your permanent hair removal cost as affordable as possible at my laser hair removal Phoenix and laser hair removal Scottsdale location. I accomplish this not JUST by offering you a significant discount without the need to commit to a lengthy contract of treatments you may not even need, but also by assuring you receive the highest quality treatments each and every time. What good is a discount if EACH treatment isn’t performed by a highly skilled and experienced technician who is applying what he or she knows?

Laser Hair Removal

Matthew Sutherland C.L.S.

I’ve been in the hair removal business for over 30 years now, and because it is my ONLY focus I have made it my mission to continually improve upon my technique. I am the owner and laser operator here at Laser Hair Removal Arizona and have been serving AND solving my Phoenix valley client’s needs since 2002.
So, don’t waste another moment of your life suffering from unnecessary excessive hair. Call me right now to enjoy the hair-free life my clients have come to know and probably take for granted these days!


Matthew Sutherland C.L.S. & C.M.L.S.O.

Phoenix Scottsdale


Call: 602-770-1211 For Your Complimentary Evaluation


Laser Hair Removal Phoenix

Top 8 Awesome Benefits


You Never Have To Shave Again

Who among us has never had this fantasy? Hey men, after experiencing what can be accomplished at my laser hair removal Phoenix office there will be no more waking up the next morning with your date and abusing them with a scratchy face. Or having them run their hands over the stubble forming on your back, chest or stomach.
Women, wouldn’t you like to wake up in the morning with full confidence that there aren’t any stubbly hairs on your face, underarms, bikini area or legs?


Improved Self-Confidence

After you finish your treatments at this laser hair removal Scottsdale location you will no longer be required to check in the mirror, or rub your skin to feel for any unwanted hairs. You can exude confident in the knowledge that your skin will always maintain that smooth silky feeling at all times. Your mind will be free to experience more of the simple joys that life has to offer.


You Will Save Money

You can forget about needing to spend money on razors for the rest of your life after visiting this laser hair removal Phoenix office. Just think of the money you’ll save when you’re finally free of the need for epilators, depilatories, threading, waxing, not to mention those toxic hair removal creams! You’ll have more money to spend on the really important things in life because of your decision to solve this issue now rather than letting it plaque you for the rest of your life.


You Will Save Time

Hey, shaving takes a lot of time, especially on large areas like the legs. And if you’re in a hurry like most of us are, you can’t really afford to put off getting your treatments done at this laser hair removal Scottsdale location unless you aren’t really bothered by those unsightly nicks and sometimes even bruises. Tweezing can be painful and very time consuming depending on the area. What about those trips to the spa to get your waxing or threading done. Doesn’t working keep you away from your loved ones long enough without adding this insult to injury?


No Uncomfortable In Between Growth Stages

After your treatments at this laser hair removal Phoenix facility, some of the treated hairs may already be gone while some may require a few days to completely shed from your body. Once all the hairs have shed your skin will remain smooth and hair free until the next cycle of hairs begin to emerge several weeks later. You will be scheduled for your next treatment before this new cycle of hairs become very visible.


No More Ingrown Hairs And Unsightly Bumps

Because the laser at this laser hair removal Phoenix location is pulled into the follicles by the pigment of the hair, it is effective not only on hairs growing normally in the follicles but also on those uncomfortable and sometimes painful ingrown hairs. My laser can navigate those often twisted and curvy follicles buried underneath the skin and ensure that you will be free of those festering annoyances and those unsightly bumps that they can produce.


Healing Time Is Minimized By Laser Precision

Because the laser at this laser hair removal Phoenix location is attracted to the pigment in the hair it is pulled down into the follicle by each and every hair ensuring that every follicle with a hair in it is effectively treated. Because of the strong attraction of the laser to this pigment almost all of the energy spends it’s time down in the follicles where it can do the most good which leaves the surrounding skin tissue relatively untouched. This minimizes the healing time of the skin after the treatment.


Treatment Times At Laser Hair Removal Arizona

Because the Candela GentleLASE Plus can effectively treat an area the size of a quarter during each of its approximately 1 second bursts, even extremely large areas like the legs can be treated in a relatively short period of time at this laser hair removal Phoenix location. The ability to have the hair permanently reduced on an area as large as the legs is no longer merely a fantasy shared by millions of people around the world.

Laser Hair Removal Women

Top 3 Costs


The Total Size Of The Area You Want Treated

The size of the areas that you can have treated varies greatly. Some clients at Laser Hair Removal Arizona need only the upper lip treated which can usually be completed in a few minutes. On the other end of the scale are the full legs. This area is actually much larger than it appears because of it’s cylindrical nature. If the legs could be seen as a flat surface, it would be readily apparent just how massive this area is. The arms are another body part that can best be understood by imagining what the area would look like flattened out.
The face can usually be completed in about 15 minutes at laser hair removal Phoenix. The back and shoulders area which is extremely popular with men can usually be completed in about an hour to an hour and a half. The chest and stomach area also takes approximately an hour to an hour and a half to complete. The buttocks can usually be completed in about 30 to 45 minutes. 15 to 20 minutes is a good estimate for the amount of time it takes to complete a treatment in the genital area.


Your Location In Your Country

As you might expect, in the United States, New York City will cost you an arm and a leg, especially if you want to have your arms and legs done! Having your treatments done in the downtown area of a city will usually cost more due to the high cost of the office space the laser facility will be paying for. If you live here in the beautiful Phoenix valley you are very lucky because Arizona has some of the best rates in the country. And I try to make your treatment at this laser hair removal Phoenix location as affordable for as many people as possible!


Hair And Skin Combo At Laser Hair Removal Arizona

It usually takes an average of 4 to 6 treatments, sometime a little bit more, sometimes a little bit less, to get rid of your unwanted hair. In general, the lighter your skin and the darker the hair the more effective the laser will be during your treatment. This is because the laser at this laser hair removal Phoenix facility is highly attracted to the dark pigment of the hairs, and less attracted to the lighter skin.
Also, the intensity of the laser setting will affect how many treatments it will take to ensure you end up hair-free. Everybody’s hair and skin combination is a little bit different. How your particular skin type handles the treatment at this laser hair removal Scottsdale location will determine what laser intensity can be used.
There are however some things that you can do to improve the setting level that can be used on your skin. Be sure that you always wear at least SPF 60 sunblock on the areas you want to have treated if they are exposed to the sun. Alternately, if you are having a treatment on a body area you can make sure that it is always protected from the sun by clothing. And when you go to this laser hair removal Phoenix & laser hair removal Scottsdale location be sure not to apply any harsh chemicals to the area of your body that is being treated at Laser Hair Removal Arizona.


Call: 602-770-1211 For Your Complimentary Evaluation

Laser Hair Removal Phoenix